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The Kincardine-on-Forth Local History Group is a non-profit community-run organisation whose aim is to research, preserve, and promote the history of Kincardine-on-Forth. It is dedicated to exploring the town's history as well as other more general aspects of both local and global history. Meetings are held from 2.00pm to 4.00pm once a month throughout the winter in the Community Centre, Anderson Lane, Kincardine. Visitors and new members are always very welcome.

We are a group of amateur enthusiasts keen to learn and document everything to do with the history of Kincardine and its people, and we are always pleased to hear from anyone with information, stories or photographs about the town. So if you know of something to do with Kincardine's past and think we should know about it too, please get in touch!

We've recently made Rev William Meiklejohn's Four Lads O' Pairts available to purchase as a digital book. It presents comprehensive biographies of four remarkable sons of Kincardine:

The book is available for Kindle e-readers directly from Amazon, or if you'd prefer it in other formats such as PDF then it can be purchased via the online bookstore. You can sample the quality of Rev Meiklejohn's research and writing by looking for Sir James Dewar's biography among the 'Resources and Information' links below. The text is taken directly from Rev Meiklejohn's book.

100% of profits from the sale of the book go to Kincardine Local History Group, and the bookstore allows you to set the purchase price you want, so it's a great way of making a donation if you find any of the information on our website useful. By purchasing it you will be directly supporting the preservation of Kincardine's local history for the people in the town and future generations, as well as those who trace their family roots back to Kincardine. Thanks very much for all your support!


This year's syllabus includes some very interesting and informative talks, including:

Please feel free to turn up on the night; non-members are always welcome.

Resources and Information:

Please feel free to browse any of the following information resources and to contact us with any questions you may have regarding them:

What is new as of 25th February 2014:

'Tulliallan: Four lads o' pairts' by Rev William Meiklejohn has been published for Kindle e-readers, and in PDF format

What is new as of 6th October 2013:

The 2012/2013 syllabus has now been added.

What is new as of 5th February 2006:

A transcription of a fascinating 1937 article about Kincardine Bridge has now been added.

What is new as of 20th August 2005:

Rev. William Meiklejohn's detailed biography of Sir James Dewar has now been added to the 'Significant People' section. We believe Rev. Meiklejohn has researched and compiled the most detailed biographical information currently available about Sir James.

What is new as of 1st March 2003:

A Clickable Map has been added to the Overton Kirkyard section. It is now possible to click on any gravestone on the map and jump directly to details of it. Please note that we are currently collating photographs of these stones and will be adding them to the database as soon as possible.

What is new as of 19th February 2003:

New Guidance Notes have been added to the Tulliallan Kirkyard section. These explain the significance behind the carved symbols found on many of the stones in the kirkyard.

What is new as of 30th December 2002:

A Clickable Map has been added to the Tulliallan Kirkyard section. It is now possible to click on any gravestone on the map and jump directly to details of it.

For more information about any of the topics contained in this web page please contact: Kincardine Local History Group

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